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I wanted to dress the woman

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I feel that things happen for a reason and open up new opportunities. It's sometimes said that I'm rebellious and I do things to push people's buttons, but I just like the challenge. I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears head-to-toe designer anymore. I am always locked in my design studio. What I hate is nasty, ugly people.

I wanted to dress the woman who lives and works, not the woman in a painting. I have my permanent muses and my muses of the moment. Vanity is the healthiest thing in life. I try as much as possible to give you a great basic product and what comes out, I feel, is really amazing. Design is a series of creative choices - it's a collaborative effort, an evolutionary process. You choose your fabrics depending upon what you want to say, then you work with mills to get those fabrics. Through the process, you realize what you want it to be.

Fashion never stops. There is always the new project, the new opportunity. It's useless to send models out on the runway to cry. There are only three things I can do - make a dress, decorate a house, and entertain people. Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. I never like to think that I design for a particular person. I design for the woman I wanted to be, the woman I used to be, and - to some degree - the woman I'm still a little piece of.

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